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Hi, my name is Arthur Easton and this is just to give a little history about myself.

I started at Old Mutual on the 1 August 1986 following in the footsteps of my father who also worked for Old Mutual at that time. I started as a field representative and trained to do life insurance, investments, unit trusts, funeral policies, retirement policies, medical schemes and short-term insurance. On the 1 January 1988 I was transferred to the Western Transvaal (Northwest province) to assist in heading up Old Mutual Voluntary Groups and to assist with the merger of the Old Colonial Mutual with Old Mutual Voluntary Groups.

I reached the point where I felt I needed to go on my own and become a broker. To get the necessary experience I started working for Wally Weeks Brokers in Klerksdorp on a part time basis. This was 1 July 1989. On the 1 July 1991 I started my own brokerage under my own name known as Arthur B Easton specializing in Medical Schemes and Short-Term Insurance (Personal Lines).

In 1999 we started working with Telkom and Eskom in the Northwest Province. On the 17 October 2002 we moved the business to Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape and in 2003 we renewed our relationship with Telkom and Eskom in the Eastern Cape.

To expand my service options, I entered into an agreement with CMAC (Care Medical Aid Consultants) a National Healthcare Broker Company in 2009.
This arrangement was very beneficial as I now had access to many more Schemes, I had not originally had contracts with. This placed me in a position to do better comparisons and provide better advice to my members.

In the year 2016 we were so Blessed that we reached a point to expand our business and ABE Medical became ABE Medical (Pty) Ltd. It took another 4 years to get all the paperwork in place and new agreements were reached with the various Medical Schemes and the end of 2020 the new Company officially started doing business with the CMS and FSCA agreements in place.

Once again, we are now in an excellent position to provide better service to our existing and potentially new members.